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The 2022 Livoli Main Division will be attended by 8 men's teams and 8 women's teams. Participants in the Men's Livoli 2022 Main Division were Semarang Berlian Bank Jateng, Jakarta TNI AU, Indomaret Sidoarjo Volleyball Academy, and Ganevo Yogyakarta in Pool A, also Surabaya Samator, DPUPR Grobogan, Yuso Yogyakarta, and Pasundan Bandung in Pool B. Meanwhile, Division participants The Main Livoli 2022 Women are filled by Surabaya Bank Jatim, Vita Solo Kharisma, Jakarta TNI AL, and Gresik Petrokimia (Pool DD), plus Jakarta Popsivo Polwan, Premium Bandung, Jakarta TNI AU, and Wahana Express Group Bandung (Pool EE). The Livoli 2022 Schedule for the Main Division will be rolled out a week after the Livoli Main Division finishes, to be exact from 11 to 16 October 2022 for the first round and 18-23 October 2022 for the second round. This championship will be held in 2 venues, namely GOR Tawangalun, Banyuwangi, East Java and GOR Sritex Arena, Solo, Central Java.

In this match, Indonesia was surprised by an earlier goal from Myanmar, which was scored by Yin Loon Eain in the 30th minute. A new equalizing goal came in the 50th minute through the white point which was scored by Marsela Yuliana Awi. The game ended in a 1-1 draw at normal time. Likewise in two extra time. But luck was not on Awi's side and his friends. They had to lose 2-4 in a penalty shootout. Indonesia could only score two goals from the four opportunities that existed. While Myanmar did it perfectly. From the player side, Marsela Awi thinks this is an extraordinary match. "I'm also proud of my friends who have fought tooth and nail. Thank God we didn't lose at normal times, but in a penalty shoot-out. Maybe because of lack of preparation, with the goalkeeper and the goalkeeper's condition, but all in all, it's an extraordinary struggle, friends. -friends in this match," said Awi.

Furthermore, Rudy hopes that women's football can be better in the future. "In the management of Pak Erick (Thohir), they don't burden this team, whatever the results, there has been homework for the federation and yesterday he also said himself, there will be no difference between women's and men's football, from this event there is a milestone for the revival of women's football, and Also starting to pay attention to being able to do TC abroad or long-term TC and the most important thing is competition," he said.

Regarding competition, Awi agrees with his coach. "Yes, hopefully in the future there will be a competition or league. In order to get a wider selection of players, not just from Persis, this is because there is no league, the players you get are from everywhere," he explained.

Don't be discouraged, even though they finished the tournament in fourth place, from this team the best goalscorers and players were born during the event. Claudia Alexandra Scheunemann successfully won these two titles. Four goals were scored by the 14-year-old girl throughout the tournament.